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24: because I'll never improve on Tate's "would it be called '2'?" joke
Yay! I got a mention!
Wowbagger and Tate are actually the same guy
Another mention! Wait...we're the same guy? I did not know that!

Great list(s) Zeke.

Other highlights include:

"IJD GAF" really stands for "Now A Hot Topic: Money-Making Moths"
Chancellor Valium may cause Vizier Drowsiness, Senator Dizziness, or Regent Blurred Vision. Consult your Master Doctor before taking Chancellor Valium
Finally accepting that I'll never get you all to stop saying "5MV", I give up and buy a Venezuelan domain
The Top 10 Ways to Tell is Canadian
Annoying people who get mad at keep threatening to move here
The Top 10 Signs That "Girlfriend" Lists Are Getting Old
I start talking shop ("Signs That Your Girlfriend is a Nontrivial Zero of the Riemann Zeta Function")
The entries don't really involve her being your girlfriend ("She can Megamerge with Biometals" instead of, say, "Before you go out to dinner, she spends an hour choosing a Biometal to Megamerge with")
The Top 10 Fivers I Hid Subliminal Communist Messages In (it's probably best not to reveal those till after the revolution)
The Top 10 Kinds of People in the World (all I had were "those who know binary" and "those who don't")
“Allow me to show you the door!” (Points) “Look. The door. It’s the wooden thing with the knob.” –Pancho, The Asparagus of La Mancha , VeggieTales

Candace: (gasp) The square root of 'soon' is 'never'!

The Doctor: It was all in the job title: Head of human resources.
Lance: This time, it's personnel.

To God be the glory. ><>

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