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I should really change my signature to professional thread necromancer.

Anyway, I saw this thread and I just wanted to respond to this:

Originally Posted by Zeke View Post
[ED: I think I'm failing to emphasize the important part here. Making and/or stealing a silly joke is one thing -- doing so in every single fiver is another.]
First off, it's not in every single fiver. Most of the two-part or continuing stories have differing jokes - Enterprise heads off at Dolorous Speed.

Second, to point out the obvious, Spaceballs is a parody of Star Wars specifically and science fiction in general. But it is also a homage to all of these, as is most parodies, and this site is a homage as well. I think Mel Brooks would approve of the homage to his movie.

And third, thank you for never doing a Spaceballs fiver.
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