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[quoteost_uid0="MmeBlueberry"][color=#000000ost_uid0]I'm (almost) always lurking, rarely posting...[/colorost_uid0][/quoteost_uid0]
[color=#000000ost_uid0]Always a bridesmaid, never a bride... except that once.

Good to see some of you got the reference. It's to the Beatles song "Michelle" -- download it, or just read the lyrics.

Hotaru, you've discovered one way of getting a title: complain about not having one. By the way, how long have you been a guy? I just saw that in your profile.

Sab, I got your PMs and your emails. And one way to get [iost_uid0]me[/iost_uid0] to kill [iost_uid0]you[/iost_uid0] in a storyline is to complain about my response time.

NAH: Very clever.[/colorost_uid0]
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[03:17] FiveMinZeke: Galactica clearly needs the advanced technology of scissors, which get around the whole "yanking on your follicles" problem.
[03:17] IJD: cylons can hack any blades working in conjunction
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