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Originally Posted by Michiel
Isn't it expensive to play FFXI online?
I just noticed this post ^^;

It's $15 American, which can be random amounts Canadian. Sometimes I think they charge me extra to see if I'm paying attention. I think it's worth it though, It's a very complex world with a deep story. If you can get to rank 5 (you need to be about level 30 to do it with high level help, that can take 2 weeks to 8 months) things get very cool. I won't ruin the story in case someone here eventually joins, but it's very sad.

The job class also let's you customize your character to no end. With 15 jobs and the subjob option that gives you... 210 possible job combinations. I usually play Black Mage/White Mage, or Black Mage/Summoner. The 15 jobs are:

-Black Mage (BLM)
-White Mage (WHM)
-Red Mage (RDM)
-Monk (MNK)
-Warrior (WAR)
-Theif (THF)
-Paladin (PLD)
-Dark Knight (DRK)
-Bard (BRD)
-Summoner (SMN)
-Beast Master (BST)
-Ranger (RNG)
-Samurai (SAM)
-Ninja (NIN)
-Dragoon (DRG)

so you can see all the availabilities. So go buy it! Then tell me before you register so I can get you onto my server. I think the European release date is comming up soon anyways...
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