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Default Star Trek: Voyager - Yours to own in Gibberish Today!

So I just recieved all seven seasons of Voyager in the mail. From China. Bought them on eBay of course.

Would you like to know what the blurb for season one says? Of course you would, because that's why I started this thread!


Navigator's number of warship of star headed by first woman captain precious Wei, fall into an enormous cavity , is thrown and united 70000 mere distant place from the star , for solve energy shortage problem, precious Wei captain lead team member go rascal celestial body survey energy, unexpectedly, Nilles is attacked, the lung is siphoned away fast; Find the celestial body person's corpse of grade a lot of 5 on the globular asteroid; Pursue gram com -mandant injured attack that energy flow with card tower , navigator number face uniden -tified energy shed attack, a large amount of energy run off, unidentified other star seize the opportunity , slip into airship, team member supervise unprecedented challenge...

Doesn't that sound exciting?
I'll post the rest of the seasons (they only get better) as I get a chance.
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