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Want to visit the ear tower area of Germany?

Season Three:

Precious captain Wei is leading a brave crew to come to the ear tower area of Germany from the remote outer space, when they have entered the particle district of a superlight speed, the transducer has been destroyed,suffer attack of airship morly among one space breach, force , fall in 29 century of the earths, have prevented a calamity ruin of solar system too; They go through hardships fly to , spend half Galaxy , dispel and withdraw and set up the m-
ajestic association of the army, find E.T. and fierce and more cruel enemy from famous celestial body, crew's life has recieved Venus Williams association, could they find the way to return to the earth in the 20th century...

'Ear tower area of Germany'? 'Crew's life has recieved Venus Williams association'? WHAT?????

BTW, the apparent random extra spaces and 'm-
ajestic' is exactly as it's written on there.
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