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I've had no time to do more than drop by the past few days, but here is *drumroll*

Season Four:

This one excellent science fiction movement serial, headed by precious captain Wei navigator number afford to make great efforts still, they shuttle back and forth in the space, go through a lot of thrill, the card tower commandant's shuttling back and forth machine is attacked and crashed in one dose of manors of cloth, pursue grams of first lieutenant deepen , look for where abouts of first lieutenant dangerous; Draw Kazakhstan add colony , cruel and ferocious card Rui guide people murder a lot of innocent citizens, send the abandoned airship found in area in A , has initiated the war beween the interplanetary alliance and blue people of nut unintentionally ; At this moment the bodies of the navigat
or's number begin to present the incompatible state too ...

First they visit Germany, and now Kazakhstan? So much for being 70000 light years from home.
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