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Season Six, making even less sense than the last:

Interplanetary fleet nearer and nearer in Luis that No. come back home in navigator, crew's ind begins to fluctuate too, in destroy after Akers E.T. of celestial body attack, precious Wei captain resume card tower commandant position that relieve, navigator for escape , throw Rui attack of people , wake up , throw Rui people defeat and sleep Goethe forest people for 900 year unintentionally, in order to help the rejuvenation of a civilization , nearly make the navigator suffer the extinction ....

This season has a special Guest star profile! (Vaughn Armstrong)
A frequent quest star on Star Trek series,including Enterprise,Armstrong discusses and sing,[yes,sings!]about the many roles he's played, including a Brog,a Vidiian,and a Hirogen on Voyager.
Way in the future on the Starship Enterprise, everybody was sleeping because of Jigglypuff.
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