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Even so, it must take a long time to train your mind and fingers to detect such subtle differences and read as fast as a sighted person can. On a related note, I'm still curious about Braille letters on the buttons at a driveup ATM. Backseat banking? Probably the real answer is its easier to mass-produce ATMs if there are fewer differences between vestibule and driveup models.

How long has it been since people used brass brads (or whatever those "punch through and fold out the wings" things are) to actually hold real documents together, as opposed to using them as axles for construction paper windmills and such?

Why order meat rare? Issues of taste preference aside, don't the customers care about their health, and don't the restaurants get worried about food poisoning lawsuits?

Has anyone ever heard someone use the alternative to genericized trademarks? i.e. "I need to buy some facial tissue" as opposed to "I need to buy some Kleenix" especially when they don't intend to buy Kleenix brand?

Why do people make movies that set Shakespeare plays in later time periods, but still use the complete Shakespearean dialogue, which is archaic for the time period? There's gotta be a happy medium between authentic Shakespeare and modern vernacular, right?

How many people know that Mario the plumber was originally Jumpman the carpenter?
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