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People still BUY brass brads (or whatever) - we sell them and people buy them. Don't know what they use them for though.

And the number of floors up before I freak out, depends on the building and where I am in it. I'm fine if there's a floor below, but if I'm on a balcony or a building on stilts, then I freak. Even on the first storey. I will actually be constantly nervous - how can people handle knowing they're supported by nothing but twig thin beams?
Oh and I won't lean on glass windows. And those 'nothing but a plate of glass' balconies seem incredibly dangerous.

Why do I want more money even though I can't think of anything I want to buy?

Why the hell hasn't everyone done something about global warming and pollution yet?

Should I or shouldn't I go to University?
Way in the future on the Starship Enterprise, everybody was sleeping because of Jigglypuff.
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