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Okay, the O's are the dots. Both of the imaginary Braille letters are two dots with a third below it to the left. The difference is that the first has the triangle at the top of the grid, and the second has the triangle at the bottom of the grid. Therefore, different symbols. A blind person would have no idea which is which without knowing where the top of the line is.

I remember being VERY impressed that Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil's senses are so advanced that he can run his fingers over ordinary printed type and still read it. Think about how complex a letter is, and how hard it'd be to feel the differences in ink placement on a sheet of paper that'd still be impossibly bumpy from all the paper fibers at that resolution.

If you can't think of anything more to buy, then you're dead. There are literally millions of things you can buy. Most of them are unnecessary or unaffordable or embarrassing, but you can still think of them.

Actually, I think I've seen brass brads being used to hold the corners of small stacks of papers, just like staples, only more flexible. But not very often. Plus I'd imagine it's a bear to remove them all the time. You wouldn't just throw away a brass brad like a staple, they must cost ten times as much.
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