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Anyway Back to the Wii....

Anyone seen that Endless Ocean thats due out tomorrow? (Might be called something different in the states). Looks pretty good... And an amazing soundtrack with it. I like the idea of a quiet relaxing game too. No people to kill, no bosses... just a nice quiet swim in a pretty place.
On the killing side though, there is RE: Umbrella Chronicles with the Wii Zapper!
Smash brothers is out soon too WITH SONIC! And then of course, it's the daddy.... Mario Galaxy...

One complaint though... Could they have not spread the games out a bit... I'm still moving through Resident Evil 4 Wii, and hardly started on old Metroid 3 (Though I'm gonna give it a bloody good try this weekend) And now 4 big named game are due in the same month?
Cheers Nintendo..
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