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Pinkman: Are you sure? This is really kind of a crummy job. The hours are crazy, people hate you, you can blow yourself up if you're not careful...
Walter: Believe me, none of that is new to me.
Speaking as a chemistry educator...HAH!

Walter: Chemistry! Chemistry is life and death! It is the air we breathe and the water we drink! It is all aspects of the very world around... why aren't you kids paying attention?
Student: Why do you give this same speech every morning?
Shaddap, kid, chemistry is awesome. Now slog your way through this ICE chart and accompanying quadratic equation.

THree Weeks EarLier
(Most Viewers: Huh?)
Hydrogen, Tungsten, Lithium? I suppose it could be a tungsten hydride of some sort.

Nice job, Zeke, although I couldn't follow half of what was going on since I haven't actually seen the show.
The first run through of any experimental procedure is to identify any potential errors by making them.
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