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Yeah, the show never appealed to me from the beginning. There are, surprisingly, enough powerful, well-written, well-acted, well-produced TV shows out there which don't involve breaking the law and making people suffer as part of the show's premise that Breaking Bad never even caught my potential interest. I don't care how much praise it gets; I'm not going to watch.

Leverage started S5 last night too, and that's a helluva lot more fun. I believe Alphas and Warehouse 13 start their seasons either tonight or next Monday, Merlin S5 comes on in the fall, Once Upon a Time and Person of Interest were both renewed for S2, we still have to finish the entire back half of Grimm... We have enough to watch. Hell, I even finally picked up Doctor Who after being nagged by my best friend for two years, so we'll start watching that at some point this summer.
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