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Your "Voyager reunion" bit actually misses two: Robert MacNeil comes back as Tom Paris, and Lisa LoCierco comes back as Miral Paris. They were released in Season 10. So the entire list is Tuvok, Seven, Harry, Tom, Neelix, Doc, Miral and Jhet'leya.

From a gamer: it's a little repetitive, but fairly well balanced. I don't like how they neglect the Klingons; they tried to keep a "red versus blue" mentality, but did a Hell of a lot more to the blue Federation than the red Klingons. It's fun and a little more interesting than World of Warcraft (and without the crippling debt, either).

From a long time Trek fan: the shout-outs alone are all worth playing at least once through all the single player missions. They wrap up tons of abandoned and discarded stories into one long story line that plays really well into the main arc. I don't want to give too much of it away, because some of it is pretty twisty and if you don't read about it you won't see it coming. And the Leonard Nimoy episodes, where he does a voiceover, they bring a tear to my eye every time I play it.

Before you ask, no, there's no D/7 or K/7 anywhere in the storyline. Sorry.

Some criticisms: Denise Crosby does a horrible job at voice acting during her featured episode, and some of the Sela arc too. Most of the other voiceovers are pretty good, but there's a couple of forced places that just sound weird - Garrett Wang during his first lines, for example, sound like he's in a really bad sound booth, but they get better as time goes on. All the cut-scenes are rendered out by the game engine, and if you don't have the graphics on at least Medium, it has trouble with distance shots. Clipping is pretty bad, too, but no worse than in any other game. The "open customization" of character uniforms and ships can get a little ridonculous if you like pure Trek, and if you are open to it, you'll find that the Federation once again is favored for clothing choices compared to the Klingons (and Romulans, though I find that the Romulans have more options).
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