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September 8th, 1966, "The Man Trap"

The Fiver (by IDJ GAF)
Memory Alpha Page
Transcript (courtesy of


* Wrigley's Pleasure Planet was always a funny concept to me. To me "Wrigley" still means chewing gum.
* First example of the captain's log knowing things that the cast doesn't. I mean, it's weird how the captain's log was never fully explained. How, where, and when are these "omniscient narrator" entries made?
* It seems fitting that "may the Great Bird of the Galaxy bless your planet" appears in the first episode aired.

Fiver quotes:

Captain's Log: We've beamed down to the planet to investigate the Crater of two evils.

Oh, the puns in this fiver.

Crater: It's the last creature of its kind -- much like the passenger pigeon, American buffalo, dodo bird...
Kirk: ...Diatryma, Smilodon, Tyrannosaur... I get the picture.

I looked these up. Diatryma was an early giant flightless bird whose status as carnivorous or vegetarian is in dispute. Smilodon was one of the saber-tooth tiger species. That being said, I don't understand the comparison of long-extinct species to those who went extinct in more recent times due to the interference of man.

Kirk: She's an it. It's a salt monster.
Nancy: Mmmm.... Kirk sweat....
Spock: (entering room) Shoot it, Doctor!
McCoy: I dunno, I think I need more evidence than that.
(Nancy morphs into a salt monster)
Salt Monster: Mmmm.... Kirk sweat....
McCoy: Good enough. (Fires)
Salt Monster: GAK!

Ah yes, the ever-popular Gak. But the idea that Kirk's sweat would be considered more delicious than McCoy's or Spocks has disturbing implications.

Further discoveries from the Memory Alpha page:

Mainly because this episode was chosen to be first via process of elimination, the initial reviews weren't all that great. However, this is what got David Gerrold hooked and led to many collaborations.

Comment and so forth. I hope someone else can take care of the main entry for "Charlie X" next week.
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