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Okay, so I have a bit to catch up on. I delayed a little with the new episodes due to personal developments, so I caught the second half of season 1 late.

First off, echo the sentiment earlier of Lorca getting killed multiple times. The fact that he was so ruthlessly evil, upon the looking glass of hindsight, that was sooooo much more satisfying than first realized. Slightly envious of Mudd.

Second, to address Nate's sarcasm: you know the reason why the Enterprise looks so much different, right? The whole muddy *snicker* rights to the series thing? Okay. Moving on.

And third... I actually didn't mind the jaunt into the mirror, save for the Culber thing, which I swear my eyes were only reacting to allergens in the air at the time. I do agree with Zeke about the Bury Your Gays trope; it seems that any iota of happiness is immediately squashed by the producers and writers of this show. Was the season entertaining? Yes. Was it Trek? In varying degrees from not at all to full yes, which I am hopeful to see Season 2 and feel a little less uneven. The sequel series' Season 1 curse seems to be in full effect.
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