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Star Trek Deviantart Day Seven!

I don't care that it's only been two weeks!

A poster for a Star Trek/Wars mashup movie. Love the Cochrane delta on the hilt of Decker's lightsabre.

Today's big discovery is Jerantino. I'll limit myself to the Trek drawings, but he has stuff from many fandoms...

Sisko and his baseball.
Janeway looking...unimpressed? Incredulous? That's an odd expression, and I'm wondering why she doesn't have an arched eyebrow.
Bones contemplates a hypo. I wonder if there's cordrazine in there...
Uhura. I can't decide if the size of her hair is exaggerated or not...
Saavik. It almost looks like Jerantino aged her up a bit (is this how she would've looked in STVI?). She looks particularly aggressive here...

An interesting collage of characters. The art itself is well done, but the actual faces are weird. Tasha looks more like a young Nechayev, Janeway's forehead is too big, Data's face has melted, etc.

Animated Marcia Brady in a TOS Halloween costume.

Medical Officer Dr. Strange treats Engineering Officer Tony Stark. Don't ask me why Dr. Strange is a Vulcan...
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