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Adam Savage shows off his giant Swiss Army Knife store display...

Unofficial PNQ: Why do super-wide, dozens of functions Swiss Army Knives exist?

I've handled my fair share of Swiss Army Knives of many shapes and sizes (my father was an enthusiast and taught me, I was a Boy Scout), and I've definitely noticed the law of diminishing returns apply to them. When a knife gets too big and heavy you can't use it comfortably. And what's worse, the main blade tends to be on the outside in order to make it easy to access, which is a BAD thing when the knife is too thick, the thing is off-balance when you handle it.

All I need is a large blade, small blade/awl, serrated blade/saw, flathead screwdriver/bottle cap remover, Phillip's screwdriver, can opener, scissors, toothpick and tweezers. Anything more is fluff.

Just to show my point, the 141 function/12 inch wide Swiss Army Knife. Over seven pounds. Can any of those 141 functions actually be done in an efficient and practical manner?
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