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Pinterest Star Trek Crossover Day!

Spock Prime, the Kelvinverse Enterprise Transformer.


Samantha Carter as a Starfleet Captain

That really doesn't look like Carter.

Santa Claus accompanies an away team, too bad it's TOS and he's wearing red.

That Kirk looks more like O'Brien, in my opinion.

Lucille Ball as Janeway

She'd be good at the Spock Eyebrow, I think.

Joe Cool joins Starfleet

Somehow I would think that Joe Cool would be in Command, not Medical/Science.

The X-Women board the Enterprise, cosplaying as various TOS women.

Okay, pop quiz. Can you identify all the TOS women referenced? For some reason the redhead bugs me. She's obviously supposed to be Jean Grey, but that doesn't really look like Jean Grey.

Disney Princesses as TOS officers

I'm really weird, my first question is whether their hair accessories would fit uniform code. My second is whether the division assignments for each princess is the best fit. That's a whole post by itself, splitting the Disney Princesses into the most appropriate division.

Hello Kitty as various Trek characters

Why is the Cardassian so green?
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