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[color=#000000ost_uid0]:crying: I saw the last ten minutes of the finale without realizing it was the finale. What I did see was great... and that also explains the ambiguous yet happy Fry/Leela ending.

Stupid Fox. Futurama never had a chance.

It's hard to choose favorites, but I'd have to go with "Amazon Women in the Mood" (fun fact: Suzie Plakston was one of the voices here) and "Where No Fan Has Gone Before." Oh, and anything with the chauvenistic Zapp Brannigan:

"If we can hit that bull's-eye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards...Checkmate."

"The quickest way to a girl's bed is through her parents. Have sex with them and you're in."

Kif: "The holo-shed's on the fritz again. The characters turned real."
Zapp: "Damn! The last time that happened, I got slapped with three paternity suits."

Zapp: "Listen, up, history's greatest villains -- get back into the holo-shed before I start blasting."
Holo-Attila the Hun: "Stop! No shoot fire-stick in space canoe! Cause explosive decompression!"
Zapp: "Spare me your space-age technobabble, Attila the Hun."

Ah, Zapp... you and your idiocy will be missed.[/colorost_uid0]
\"It\'s all fun and games until one of you gets my foot up your ass.\"
--Veronica Mars
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