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[color=#000000ost_uid0][quoteost_uid0="Zeke"][quoteost_uid0="NeoMatrix"]What about... American Idol?[/quoteost_uid0]
Are you kidding? That show singlehandedly reduced us to the state we're in now.[/quoteost_uid0]
That show caused the tremendous blackout earlier this week.

That show caused Kobe Briant to cheat on his wife.

That show caused Howard Stern to start going on vacation every Friday.

That show caused my car battery to die.

That show caused the last update of 5MV to be delayed.

I like many things on TV (Futurama is one, they have it on Cartoon Network) but I also hate many things, and [bost_uid0][iost_uid0]that show[/iost_uid0][/bost_uid0] is one of the things that I hate.[/colorost_uid0]

Do you think neural clones go to heaven? --John Crichton, Incubator (EP#3-11)
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