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[color=#000000ost_uid0][quoteost_uid0="Katy Jane"]Mine would be the ability to  raise one eyebrow, like spock. it cracks people up when i do it and i like makeing people laugh  [/quoteost_uid0]
I had a friend who could do that. I couldn't do it, our other friends couldn't do that. When she did it, we'd all giggle and point. "You're doing it again!"

I can roll my tongue. I'm not [iost_uid0]proud[/iost_uid0] of it or anything, but I can do it. And I have a hitchhiker's thumb, while we're on the subject.[/colorost_uid0]
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“There must have been a point in early human history when it was actually advantageous to, when confronted with a difficult task, drop it altogether and go do something more fun, because I do that way too often for it to be anything but instinct.” -- Isto Combs
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