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::Cries:: I just read all 6 books in 4 and a half days. Snape can't be evil!! He just can't be!! I won't believe it!

Dumbledor believed in him right? He had to take the unbreakable vow to get Bellatrix to believe him that he was loyal to Voldemort. Snape told Dumbledor that he was going to be killed, and that he would most likely have to do it. Dumbledor told Harry everything he knows to prepair him for when he left. Now, Snape saves Malfoy from being killed while confirming his double agent position with Voldemort.

Dumbledore is linked to that Phoenix, right? He'll be back, right?? And how are they going to keep all the other characters together if its not based at the school. She'll have to bring them back to the school somehow.

I've heard some interesting theories that Harry will be the last hocroux. I'm just not sure if that's true, however it could be. I think that Malfoy is really going to turn around and help save Harry. And Snape will definatly play a big part in Voldemorts downfall. I hope those two will get together in the end. That would make me happy, seeing as how Snape was complelty evil to Harry every moment he got.

Anyway, how much longer till the next book? :P
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