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I will take you up on that, Val. As a DW convert pulled in by the Ninth Doctor, the only pre-TV movie material I've seen is Battlefield... which was fine, but given the ruckus the old-school fans make about the old show, I think I missed something. So I've been waiting for somebody to give me a short list of Good Old Serials for a while now. In short, thanks.

FINALLY got around to watching TEoT part II tonight. Since I thought part I was pretty much more or less pants, except for the lovely scene Zeke mentioned between Wilf and the Doc in the pub, I had very low expectations -- particularly since I think RTD crossed the line from "extravagant" to "fanfic writer" with "Journey's End."

But Part II was excellent. Really, really excellent. When Ten snuck up on me with one more use of "Allons-Y!", I actually -- and quite by accident -- shouted "YES!" very, very loudly, which brought my roommate in wondering what was going on. My eyes widened when Ten took the gun, I sweated as he tried to decide whom to shoot, my blood chilled when he "knocked four times", and I teared up several times during the final visit to each of the companions. In short, I was utterly reduced to being RTD's emotional plaything for the better part of an hour. That sneaky b***rd. Making me think he can't write just to lure me into a trap on the very last day.

Incidental question: was the absurdly powerful gauntlet Rasillon was wearing that famous "Hand of Omega" I've occasionally heard about? For that matter, was Lord President Rasillon the same Rasillon I've occasionally heard about? Big scary mythic figure from the dawn of the Time Lord era?

I am pleased the Time Lords didn't get restored. I am also pleased they are now officially on the villains list. One day, I'd like to see them return for real... but I still think there are a lot of stories to tell from the "Last of the Time Lords" angle before it would be right to bring them back.

Aight. Guess I'm off to find torrents of OldWho serials. Cheers!

EDIT: I will say that, having seen "The Waters of Mars" first, I very much expected "The End of Time" to be a direct result of the Doctor's meddling with a "fixed point in history." I was a bit disappointed they didn't follow up on that. After all, the Doctor only went "too far" (as he claims) if something bad actually results from it. And, since there were apparently no consequences to his interference except two of the "little people" lived and Adelaide died a bit more grouchy than she otherwise would have, I have to believe that the Doctor interfering was actually the right thing to do.

And, knowing that he was going to die but not yet having any idea how -- none whatsoever, for those of us who were unspoiled, except a guess that it would be The Master who was "returning through the dark" -- it was a bit more powerful. He was... Zeke nailed it... he was fey, he was fighting a destiny he couldn't discern and didn't want to face, and I and those with whom I watched it all felt the very same way. When started shouting that, "The laws of time are mine... and they will obey me!", about half of me thought he was crossing some kind of line... and the other half of me was crossing that line right along with him.

But maybe that's because I was raised on the massively hubristic Nine and Ten, and so I haven't really decided that hubris is a bad thing, at least in the case of a demideity like the Doc.
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