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Originally Posted by Nate the Great View Post
PNQ1: Is Smallville really "scifi"? Isn't it more of a drama?
I don't think Drama is the right words, maybe fantasy would be better than scifi, but Clark Kent is an alien i suppose, that's scifiish i guess.
PNQ2: Does this really count as the same show anymore? A few commentators have noted that we really don't focus on Smallville itself anymore, plus the only original characters still around are Clark and Chloe, so would treating the last few seasons as a successor series make more sense?
As long as the show has ran with out stopping and the name hasn't changed and the production numbers haven't reset or anything like that I don't see why it shouldn't be considered a consecutively running show. Look at ER, where there any original characters left when they wen't off the air?

my PNQ is wasn't the original Doctor who run longer, nay, much longer than 11 years? /
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