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Originally Posted by evay View Post
Warp speed is calculated in logarithms.

Tribbles should be good for exponents.

The late Star Trek: The Magazine actually used to do filler articles on the percentage of episodes where various stereotypical events happened, like Kirk getting his shirt ripped, Voyager losing a shuttlecraft, Kirk getting the girl, etc. That's charts/statistics.

Bajor used a 26-hour clock, IIRC; that's a basis for teaching "clock math," or introducing the concept of base-something-other-than-10.

Instead of the usual "A train leaves Chicago at 3pm..." try "Enterprise leaves Vulcan on stardate 47523.1 traveling at warp 3..."
Good ideas! I also think I can probably find a host of scenes discussing logic for use with my geometry students. And I made a presentation for the stats class today in which I defined data...that one was almost painfully obvious.

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