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1. It would be great to see some more episodic 5ers in the 5-min-Farscape subsite or to see a 5er of "The Peacekeeper Wars" movie. I'm just saying that because I'm a Farscape junkie & I need my fix. Also, in the 5-min-Anime subsite, it would be incredible if you did a parody of "Akira," "Ghost in the Shell" or some episodic 5ers of "Cowboy Bebop."

2. Regarding a current sci-fi TV show that you could make a parody of, I'm very sorry but I have to leave this one "blank" since I don't watch TV anymore.

3. In the 5-min-Video Games section you could do some 5ers on the "Halo" video game series or maybe "God of War" and I wouldn't complain if you made fun of the two "Kane & Lynch" video games.
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