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Originally Posted by Katy Jane View Post
Ok, I'll start. I started watching startrek: voyager during the summer of 2000. but it wasn't until the fall of '01 that i discovered that there was all sorts of startrek stuff on the internet. It was while digging for enterprise spoilers that i found Trek Today. I started reading the enterprise fivers there, then onday i noticed this link two five minute Voyager needless to say i was intreaged. I clicked it, and i've been visiting the site neary daily since. I read a bunch of the fivers and then requested my own. It wasn't untill the fall of 02 that i finaly registered at the forums.
So I saw this thread with out realizing it was an old thread (that I started no less) and thought "I have no idea, it was so long ago." well now I know! (although I'm cringing at all the spelling mistakes. :-s
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