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Originally Posted by Zeke View Post
Yikes. You've been around here too long -- my response lag is rubbing off on you.
...I can't imagine what you're talking about, Zeke. And don't you dare look at the lag time on this post!

And, yeah, NAHT, I'm not in the least worried about actually that five-minute runtime. Looking at the enormous range of runtimes we've had for Excelsior eps (33min to 93min), I've clearly enjoyed the flexibility that comes with an online time slot quite a lot myself! Thanks for giving it a go!

Got your PM, will answer it as soon as I remind myself of what the heck happened back in Season One. :P

EDIT: Come to think of it, if we've got "Valandrian Expedition" through "Wildfire" covered, somebody really ought to do the season finale, "Down the Rabbit Hole." Any more takers?
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