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Originally Posted by Nate the Great View Post
But ketchup isn't just tomato sauce.
The ketchup (ketjap manis) which originally came to the attention of Europeans (brought back by the British and Dutch East India Companies in the 18th century) didn't have any tomatoes in it (tomatoes are native to the New World), and ketchup as we know it here and now most certainly is tomato sauce. (Have you ever made ketchup? It takes a lot of tomatoes to make it.)

Originally Posted by Tate View Post
What I want to know is why ketchup is so often referred to on labels as "tomato ketchup." Is there some sort of non-tomato ketchup I just don't know about?
Many of them, in fact. See here:

There aren't as many hot dog stands as there used to be, and even in the old days, I don't think even Brooklyn had one on every corner.

There really are TV dinners in compartmented trays, but there's a lot more variety than there used to be and some of them are really quite good.

How much you get trading in cans and bottles depends upon the size of the container and where you are, to some extent.
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