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I quite enjoyed it, actually.

My main takeaways:
  • Burnham seems to be a good character, though that whole psychic link with Sarek thing was cheesy. Also, a human doing a nerve pinch? Come on.
  • The Klingons did take some time to get used to, but the fact that they actually showed a white Klingon surprised me. Was he albino? The uniforms make sense now that we think of them being fanatics, though, since that was never really explained in the marketing materials. T'Kuvma being a cult leader means a lot of continuity things from the Klingon side could be forgiven... though throw us long-time Trek fans a bone, give us one with a smooth forehead, please?
  • I like that the uniforms are ENT-esque, though overdone with the blue and yeah, the department colors are wrong. Still takes some getting used to, but I guess there was a need to make sure sciences stands out against the coloring. But damn, did you really have to give the boots deltas too?!?
  • Michelle Yeoh should have been a series regular and not the "special guest star". My humble opinion.
  • What the Hell was an android doing on the bridge?
  • The bridge being on the bottom of the Shenzhou didn't bother me as much as I thought it might. It seemed... natural for the design of the ship.
  • Why no Constitutions at the battle? You have ample opportunity to give the Trek fans the homage they so much desire, but it was like they actively avoided it at every turn.

Can't wait to see the actual starship this is supposed to be based on.
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