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Yeah, sorry, that post came across as raining on your parade. Not fair, because I really do like Stamets more every week, I did like Saru until this week (I am now undecided), and, honestly, I like Lorca. He's a bad guy who obviously deserves the harshest karmic punishment... but that's true of half the cast, and Jason Isaacs just has so darned much charisma that it seems to balance out nicely for me.

So there are good spots here, and I don't begrudge those who are enjoying themselves. I hated the haters back during Enterprise and now here I am, become the hater. I don't want to try to ruin it the way the ENT haters did back in the day.

(Oh, and I hasten to add as I always do that Sonequa Martin-Green is fantastic. Burnham is being destroyed by writers who are determined to get her Mary Sue Score over 100 points and who insist on making her the center of every episode, but Martin-Green just keeps doing the lines and making them convincing. That slight edge to her voice when she goes to Vulcan Mode is just great.)
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