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Default 5MV Secret Handshake?

Or 5MN for those of you who are Nate. Point is: I wander the internets rather a lot, being enmeshed in many a Trek forum that is far afield of this gentle place. And, every once in a very long time, somebody quotes a fiver.

It's a long-standing tradition of mine to give a shout-out to fellow fiver-rememberers, as, [s]five[/s] [s]six[/s] seven years later, I'm still quoting these things at every possible opportunity, in the vain hope that one day they'll go viral and I'll get as much cred for my fiver references as for my ytmnd references. (And, let's be honest: FM "Vanishing Point" is a heckuva lot funnier than the nine thousandth "Epic Manuever" joke.)

But wouldn't it be easier if there were one well-known quote from a fiver that all fivists knew, and which itself made for an excellent and somewhat cryptic public reply to any fiver references? Something as ubiquitous as Marc's spoon or Porthos-as-Chili or the Tavern of Underused Characters, but generic enough to be quotable in most circumstances, like the site motto?

I don't know if there is such a thing, or whether such a killer quote could ever be found, or even whether this makes the slightest bit of sense, but I thought I'd post it anyway. Because, you know, why the heck not?
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