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It's Vintage TV Commercials Featuring Star Trek Actors Day!

Leonard Nimoy (in a wonderful Seventies mustache) shills a LaserDisc player and talks to a beeping crystal.
MCI Phone Plan featuring the TOS cast (and Jonathan Frakes for some reason)
This Cheer laundry detergent is a weird one. The TOS music and sound effects are authentic enough, but the costumes and transporter visuals are just wrong. No Trek actors, but there is a guy who it looks like he's attempting to evoke the Klingons, along with a Leonard Nimoy voiceover.
A group of TOS lookalikes shill for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Nice usage of music and sound effects, but it's a little unsettling how close the impersonations got. I suppose the Uncanny Valley can exist even in live-action.
DeForest Kelley shills for Trivial Pursuit. "I'm an actor, not a doctor!"
Robert Picardo (with hair, a mustache, and a cheesy French accent) sells Crystal Sugar.

Back in the 90's Hallmark made some commercials for their Star Trek Christmas ornaments featuring minor characters:

Nurse Ogawa
Chancellor Gowron
Sub-Commander T'Rul (or Martha Hackett playing another Romulan)
Leonard Nimoy (not a minor character or even in-character, but still!)
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