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Apparently today is the newest geek holiday, Mario Day, (MAR 10, get it?).

To celebrate, here are some links. Some reruns, of course.

Custom Rubik's Cubes creating Mario pixel art in real life
JWittz presents Zelda cameos in Mario games and Mario cameos in Zelda games
The 30th Anniversary Music Video
Mario Music on Marimba
Mario Theme on Piano and iPad
Mario Disco Medley
Mario 64 Menu Music Box Version
Mario 64 Menu Guitar Collab
Mario Parkour (watch out for all the lost caps!)
Mario Parkour 2 (more impressive this time, and fewer lost caps)
Collegehumor animations: Luigi Finally Snaps, Bowser and His Minions, Mario's Warp Whistle, Koopa's Hell
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