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Default Heroes discussion (spoilers)

I'm gonna do something I've been meaning to do since September: start some "official" discussion threads for various shows. It's a pretty interesting time to be a TV watcher (despite TV's best efforts), and there's no reason this board should be so quiet.

So, Heroes. Although I had been hearing good things about this show, I was dubious, since TV superheroes don't have a distinguished history. But Vedra finally got me to check it out a while ago, and I was blown away. No show since Enterprise has grabbed me from the first episode like this.

The finale aired last week (I got caught up just in time). Lots of questions to ponder over the break. It's apparently been confirmed by the actors in question that Peter and Sylar will both be back; the one I'm worried about is Nathan. I find him much more interesting than Peter, I don't believe for a second that he was really working with Linderman, and dangit, I don't want to lose him. He and Peter are the best TV brothers around (now that Ryan and Seth are gone, alas).

Who else watches? What did you think of the season?
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