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A lot of people apparently have sharper eyes than I do. (Me, I just read the cast list.) Kensei did look like Nakamura, and there's a very good reason: it was George Takei playing him. We won't know why for a while yet; I'm dubious of the theory that they're the same guy, but there's no question that Nakamura and Hiro will at least be descended from Kensei.

Peter can definitely survive exploding -- we know this from the alt-future. The only question is how he'll get down from there. Ideally, we'll find out that Nathan let go just in time, got out of range, and then went back to catch Peter. I don't think Nathan can survive otherwise; Peter might, but he would have to summon up the energy to fly. A fall from that height will vaporize you no matter how fast you heal.
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