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Technicaly, if you have good enough internet, is streaming all the episodes online right now along with lots of extra special feature stuff. You can catch up that way if you just gotta have to watch it right now now now.

Anyway if it wasn't the satelight that we saw exploding, then Peter must have definatly let go of Nathan, exploded, then caught him.

Can anyone figure out what the heck Charles Deveuxs(sp?) power is? He could see the invisible peter who somehow ended up in the past, or resaw his past or something. Thinking about the conversation he had with Peter and Nathan's mom, where they're talking about wether Peter and Nathan have learned about their powers yet, I'd guess that he may have the ability to know what powers a person has.

And as for Mrs Petrelli herself? Teleporter, based on the line to Claire "I'll take you [to Paris] myself." Plus it's got to have something to do with the Shoplifting she did in the very first episode. No character does anything that doesn't mean anything. And shoplifting definatly has to do with something. I just can't figure out what yet.
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