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Originally Posted by AKAArzosah View Post
Quick questions about the DS...

Does the wireless internetty connection thingy (is it called WiFi?) work automatically or do you need to buy an additional thing?

Is there a difference between the 'original' DS and the DS Lite?

Do you think it woud be worth having a DS here in Australia? I don't think it's as much of a hit here, is the multiplayer option a major part of gaming or what?

I'm not a 'serious gamer' so I don't understand all these things, but I'm considering buying one
The DS does indeed have built in wifi. I don't know how savvy you are with wifi networks (I'm not terribly so myself). The system itself requires nothing to go online other than a wireless network. You can input WEP encryption keys if you have a secured network in your home. However, you can't put in a MAC address login/password -- which is how my campus wifi network was set up.

It's hardly a deal breaker I'd think for the system however. You can play online or in person with friends on some games, but there are quite a few fantastic single player experiences to be found as well.

I own a Wii, DS, PSP, and 360 out of this generation's systems. The DS is by far the cheapest ($130 new), has been out the longest, and has the most developed library of them all. Also, it's well on track toward becoming the best selling system of all time -- which is especially impressive considering the current winner is the Game Boy. Yes, that includes all three iterations of the Game Boy.

There's no substantial difference between the DS and the Lite, at least in terms of playability. The Lite looks classier, the screen is brighter, and the stylus is heftier and easier to use. But other than that, you can basically use 'em both the same.

If you're seriously considering getting a system, it might be worth checking out some reviews on a site like or to see what there is on the system worth checking out. Keep in mind, both DSes play Game Boy Advance games too, so you've really got two systems worth of libraries available.

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