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Sorry, I meant the Pokemon voice actor controversy. Enter "save our voice actors" into google or something to find their website.

What's a mess in Cardcaptors? I enjoy that show a lot. Most major complaints seem to spread from a few factors:
1. They skip fifteen episodes to get to Li faster. I can understand this, as something similar happened with Sailor Moon. There are like thirty episodes before all five Scouts are assembled, and the first eight or so was only two Scouts. I enjoyed seeing Serena get into and out of her own messes, and I miss Moon Tiara Magic and the Luna Pen.
2. They try to make Li into a full-fledged Cardcaptor. I find this one really amusing, inasmuch as he NEVER captures a card! Sure, a few cards choose him to be their master, but he can't capture any.
3. Some complain about the whitewashing of child/adult relationships and homosexuality. My response is "duh, of course they did. It'd never get onto American TV without it." Besides, do we really want small children to be learning about this stuff from TV? Let them have their innocence as long as possible, I say.
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