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Only to become our last best hope for victory, which I have on good authority is something greater! Geez. Buncha pessimists.

And hey, it's KJ and Sa'ar! Good to see you again. Stick around, I'm posting stuff.

Re: starters, Pokemon is only easy when you know the game mechanics -- the real ones that the game never bothers explaining. (Above all, physical vs. special.) I went back years later knowing all that stuff and even got all 151 Pokemon, but when I was a kid, with nothing to go on but the very incomplete in-game explanations, having an advantage against the first two gyms made a huge difference. I also just find Bulbasaur the most interesting of the original trio -- water-types are a dime a dozen and while it's definitely nice to have access to fire early on, Bulbasaur makes up for it in versatility.
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