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In case you all were wondering (you were wondering, right?) about those references I mentioned, I thought I'd explain them.

Quatre: Give me a break, man. Duo's not that Wily. How naïve do you think I am?
As Zeke pointed out, this is a reference to Proto Man (aka Break Man) and Dr. Wily from Mega Man. Duo also happens to be the name of a Mega Man character. But there's a different reason I put this reference in a line about Duo. In the English dub of Gundam Wing, Duo is voiced by Scott McNeil, who also voiced both Proto Man and Dr. Wily in the Mega Man cartoon series.

Duo: You're such a wimp, Quatre. It probably comes from your family. How many sisters do you have again?
Quatre: I have twenty-nine older sisters. I also had a brother named Hub, but we don't talk about him much
Another Mega Man reference. In Megaman Battle Network, the main character (Lan Hikari) had a brother named Hub. Hub died but was turned into a computer program: "Megaman.exe". This is another voice actor joke, as Quatre is voiced by Brad Swaile, who voiced Lan in the anime "Megaman: NT Warrior".

Professor G: And letting people die would really conflict with your "shinigami" persona.
Duo: That's right! What kind of personification of death would I be if I let people die? Wait a minute...
Professor G: Forget about it. And forget about Operation Meteor too. Just steal Deathscythe and fly to Earth on your own.
Duo: Hey great idea. In return, you can take this notebook I don't need anymore.
In the anime, Duo refers to himself as "shinigami". This is translated variously as "the great destroyer" in the kid-friendly dub, and "the god of death" in the mature dub. Basically, shinigami is the Japanese equivalent of the grim reaper. It's also the name of the beings in Death Note who are responsible for the death note (a notebook that kills people whose names are written in it). Hence, as shinigami, Duo hands out a notebook.

Quatre: Let me just write all those names down in this notebook; I'll never remember them otherwise.
Duo: Uh...where did you get that notebook?
Brad Swaile also voiced Light Yagami (or Kira) in the Death Note anime, which is why Quatre is the one writing names in the notebook.

And now for the TV Tropes references:
At the end of the Gundam Wing series, it looked like Zechs died. But then he got better.
Heero accidentally killed a girl, and her little dog too. (Of course, this is also a Wizard of Oz reference)
Heero frequently says "I'll kill you!"; this is an ineffectual death threat.
Finally, I turned Mariemaia into someone who wants Relena to die for her ship. (That page actually uses Relena as its chief example) Mariemaia also qualifies as a "shipper on deck" and a yaoi fangirl. This is to poke fun at the rampant hatred of Relena among the Gundam Wing fanbase, especially among the yaoi contingent. Just in case you were wondering, all these aspects of Mariemaia were invented for the fiver, the character in the actual movie is nothing like that.

I'd also like to give credit for the lines I blatantly ripped from other fivers: "KABLAZMO!"
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