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Default Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Discussion (Most likely SPOILERS)

Announced yesterday, Strange New Worlds focuses on the U.S.S. Enterprise under Anson Mount's Captain Christopher Pike, featuring Rebecca Romijn as Number One (named amusingly as "Una") and Ethan Peck as Spock.

A warning: right now, rumors are abound and some of them are very big trolls set up to expose some more toxic elements of the Trek fanbase. For example, a month ago someone made up some rumors on 4chan that exposed a group of YouTube channels that were going over only negative viewpoints about Discovery and Picard, exposing them as not having any real sources and repeating negative points. I'll update this post once I find the video again, it's in my history I just have to wade through a bunch of stuff to find it because I didn't watch it on YouTube.

UPDATE: Found it!
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