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Unless you're talking about one of our MANY county fairs, festivals, and so forth, no, we don't really have that many hot dog stands. However, at the Minneapolis State Fair we pride ourselves in having many MANY things on sticks, including hot dogs (with and without fried corn batter over it).

Ketchup is smooth. That's what makes it ketchup. If the tomato is unevenly coagulated that's called "you didn't shake the bottle before using it."

My favorite candy bar (if you mean out and out candy bar, not just any old candy that you can get in the grocery store checkout line), it's the Fast Break. I love those things.

If you mean any candy sold in roughly bar-shaped parcels NEXT to the proper candy bars, Starbursts. Yum.

Yes, we have TV dinners with each entree in a separate compartment within the same tray.

Can and bottle reimbursements depend on the state. Some states give nothing, others a nickel, others a dime.
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