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Default 5MDV: Five-Minute "Battle at the Binary Stars"

Y'all have probably found it confusing that I started doing some Discovery stuff with the site, but never really went anywhere with it. It's mostly because I'm forever chasing fame (yes, even now), so when the show was new, I did the easy/fun parts like making myself a new avatar and adding a fake subsite link to the front page, anticipating getting some fivers out. Then the show turned out to be... itself, and even if I weren't having my usual trouble writing fivers, I've had mixed feelings about adding more DSC stuff to the site at all. I'm considering a collective subsite for the new Treks. Might feel better about that.

Regardless, I have always planned to at least finish the initial two-parter, whose first part I posted nearly two years ago. And some parts of this one are nearly that old (including the return of a time-honoured 5MV in-joke), but it's only now that I've finally finished it off. I'm so happy with these two fivers that, to my own surprise, I almost feel like doing more -- but that's a big if. The important thing is that whatever I do or don't do with 5MDV, at least now I can say I really tried.

Here's Five-Minute "Battle at the Binary Stars". Hey, at least this part had a better title!
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