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Well, not "blank" exactly. It'd have a sort of framing program for the Gameboy Virtual Console games. No doubt it'd have some form of security lockout in place to prevent anything except the Revolution that you specifically link to it (i.e. only Revolution number XXXX can communicate with DS number YYYY). I only say that it has to be a card because I don't think that a DS has any onboard memory, does it? Then again, what if the Gameboy games were stored on the Revolution and you could remote access it with the DS if you're in range? Those old games are so small that you probably could remotely play it in real time. It'd be only a step above the e-Reader, wouldn't it?

"easy peasy?"

Rewriting the VC to accept and transmit games from a new system is the least of our problems. It's getting it to the DS safely that's the problem.
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