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10: Concur. A single fandom doth not a geek make, although you can become a geek by being properly fanatical about it.
9: This seems to be the general opinion. I think it says as much about the audience as it does about the characters.
8: No. Bacon is for Breakfast (notice how both start with the same letter? That's a tip-off). Good bacon is yummy enough that it should be eaten by itself, whereas bad bacon is unworthy of being eaten at all. Caffeine likewise should remain in appropriate locations: coffee, sugar water, etc.
7. Hadn't really thought about it, but I doubt it. Admittedly I can't come up with any sound counter-examples at the moment.
6. Close enough.
5. I have no opinion.
4. Concur. Some of the best games skillfully combine graphic, audio, and participatory stimuli to produce an effect on the audience. That effect might be total immersion in a fictional world, the conveyance of a message, or just a sense of great enjoyment. That underlined part is about as close as I care to get to defining what "art" is.
3. Concur.
2. Concur.
1. Concur.
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