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Seriously, both formats are so close that I wonder why they even bothered. It's sorta like the CD Minus and CD Plus split for writeable CDs - i.e. makes everything complicated in the first few years and gets totally ignored once good, cheap Multiformat drives are on the rise.

For what it's worth, Sony does appear to be winning with BluRay, but the fight isn't over...the market for either BluRay or HDDVD is still vanishingly small. Sony's between a rock and a hard place - the most available player for their format is the PS3, but it's expensive, they're taking a loss on it - really, not having the expensive and experimental BluRay stuff in the PS3 would have helped the console be much cheaper, but then of course they'd have sunk their disk format...the few people who do have BluRay are mostly the guys who bought the PS3 despite the price.

Hence, my advice is to ignore the HD formats for now. If you're really aching for quality, buy Superbit DVDs.

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