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I'm pondering the use of "fidelity" as a quality of a hero or noble warrior.

It derives from the Latin "fidelis", which indicates faithfulness or loyalty.

The Wikipedia page also introduces an approach that I hadn't considered, epitomized by the music industries use of "fidelity": "how close does the recording match the original?" That is, "how much do my actions match the intents of the institutions that I believe in?"

It's here that I think we run into a big problem with the concept of Batman handing Mjolnir. His actions may be in the name of the rule of law, but in his heart he acts in the name of what he thinks should be legal or not.

This is something mirrored by Thor at the start of his movie: might makes right, and he has might, so he must be right. A fallacy. This is one of the reasons Captain America can wield the hammer and Iron Man never had a chance.

So Starfleet officers would have to believe in the "gospel" of Starfleet to be worthy of the hammer.
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